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I’m Trish, the face behind the scenes here at Rustic Urban Goods.  This company grew to become what it is from many years of passion, interest, and experience in design and building. Remembering as far back as a ten year old little girl, I would gather scraps that had been tossed aside from the new builds in our area.  With only a hammer and a box of nails I plucked from the garage, I had a vision and big plans for my own little backyard clubhouse.  Unfortunately my lack of knowledge and expertise kept this dream from fruition. Years later...I researched, studied, and learned my way around a miter saw and nail gun.  Once again, similar to my childhood, I dove headfirst into creating the projects I challenged upon myself. Fortunately this time I was much more successful! Combining over a decade of interior design experience and my love of building led to the creation of Rustic Urban Goods.  While some rentals are pretty finds I have added to my inventory, the majority of my wood items are a result of my time in the garage. I hope my creations bring as much joy to the esthetics of your event as they did to my time designing and/or creating it. Thanks for stopping by!

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