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Where are you located?

Cedar Hills, Utah, which is northern Utah County. It is a small town at the mouth of American Fork canyon, next to Pleasant Grove, Highland, and Alpine cities.

What form of payments do you take?


Venmo is preferred; however, I also accept Apple Pay, or cash. I do not accept credit/debit cards or checks.


How do I reserve item(s)?

A quote will be emailed to you listing your items and cost.  It will also indicate 50% of the rental price which is required to reserve the items you are wanting to rent (along with a signed contract).  Please note, this half down to reserve is also NON-refundable. The remaining 50% as well as the refundable safety deposit are both due two weeks before your rental date.

Do you require a safety deposit?

Yes, along with the remaining 50% of the rental cost an additional amount referred to as the "safety deposit" is also due upon pickup of the rental items. It is refundable and returned upon rental property return barring any damaged or missing pieces. 


Do I get the full safety deposit back?

Yes, as long as items are in good condition and undamaged a full refund of the safety deposit will be returned. If there is damaged or missing pieces money will be deducted from the safety deposit according to the situation.


Do you deliver/pick-up?

The delivery/pick-up fee is not added into the total rental pricing on your quote; however, it can be added or changed to your rental up to 72 hours prior to your rental date. Delivery/pick-up is determined case by case and location. 

How long is the rental for?

The rental is charged per day, allowing for pickup the day before, and returning the day after the rental date at no additional cost.  This essentially gives you 48 hours with the rentals. 

Do you collab?

Yes! I'm always interested in collaborating as long as my schedule permits. I love meeting new people as well as supporting and helping one another.


Are the syrups included in my rental of the syrup holders?

Unfortunately no. For sanitation purposes I do not provide or include syrups with the rental.


Do you sell the syrups?

No, I unfortunately do not. However, Costco in SLC carries them. They are priced at $4.50 each which is the lowest I have been able to find them.


Where is the best place to find syrups?

Costco in SLC carries them. They are priced at $4.50 each which is the lowest I have been able to find them. If that is too far you can find quite a few flavors at select Harmon stores. They can also be ordered on Amazon


Where do you find the syrup pumps?

The cheapest I've found them is on Amazon in 5 pack bundles, which you can find here:


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